BSL Level 3

SQA Higher BSL H3PA12

 Tuesday or Thursday: 6 pm-8.30 pm

Course Duration:   12 months

Course Fees: £1250.00

Course commencement date: April 2019

Entry: candidates be certificated to level 2 BSL

All candidates will be required to go through a skills assessment to prove skills at level 2 for entry to the course

BSL Scotland will provide hand-outs and the use of resources also Deaf BSL users will attend as part of building on your BSL communication skills.

To apply Mail:

The aim of this course will be to expand your vocabulary base, greater linguistic understanding and Deaf cultural awareness, how to have conversations using complex and topic specific language required for everyday communications with BSL users in a more effective way.

Throughout the 12 months there will be opportunities to meet and interact with a group of native BSL users to cover various topics and build your experience and confidence in using BSL in a safe environment, this will help you reflect and improve your skills.

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